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Our Process

Wealth management is more important than ever in today’s world of complex investments, constantly changing tax laws and volatile markets. Our purpose is to help individuals, business owners and corporate clients identify their financial objectives and achieve them. We recognize that creating and maintaining wealth is a complex, continuous and intricate practice. We have strategies and tactics that may build and preserve client wealth.

We can help you preserve your past, protect your future and create your legacy. Many of our clients use our wealth management process to successfully navigate every life stage. Our customized and integrated process enables our clients to help create wealth, manage wealth and preserve wealth.

Discovery Interview

  • Get a basic understanding of your needs and goals
  • Explain our capabilities and process
  • Answer questions
  • Agree to work together

Gather Data

  • Discuss your unique circumstances and goals
  • Review relevant financial and legal documents
  • Identify issues or areas of concern

Analyze & Develop Plan

  • Validation of your needs and goals
  • Comprehensive analysis of financial position
  • Collaborate with your other key advisors as necessary
  • Development of specific recommendations

Plan Presentation & Delivery

  • Deliver analysis of current situation
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Detail specific recommendations
  • Obtain consensus on overall strategy and recommendations
  • Execute required documents

Plan Implementation

  • Complete transition of identified assets
  • Execute each component of plan
  • Confirm implementation with client

*Plan implementation can be done through a firm of your choosing.

Monitor & Update

  • Monitor performance of plan components
  • Revisit plan when a major change to your circumstances occurs
  • Recommend adjustments to capitalize on new opportunities